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Customer Dropdown Attributes on Admin
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Joined:  2008-03-19

I need some help in populating a dropdown customer attribute. So far, I have added a new eav_attribute (pref_shopping_period) and given it a frontend_input value of ‘select’. Most of the other values have been mirrored from the ‘manufacturer’ attribute. I have added neither backend_model or source_model, at this point.

I have also added the matching entries into eav_attribute_option and eav_attribute_option_value. Six options in the eav_attribute_option table, all with sort_order set to 0. Six option values in the eav_attribute_option_value table, each associating to the correct option_id and store_id.

However, when I go into admin to view the dropdown, nothing is populated and no options are available—the dropdown is there, but no entries.

Please help me to understand what I am doing wrong. I can do the same sort of thing with manufacterer (product attribute), but not the customer side.

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