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Shipping more than one item doesnt work with our table shipping rates
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We have two types of products, with varying shipping rates based mainly on Volumetric shipping weight against destination..

I setup table rates to get this to work, where I use the weight attribute,(now hidden), and called it ‘freight weight’. So for a particular product if it will fit in a 10kg FedEx box, we call it 10. For our other products we have to use our own packaging, and we get higher shipping prices than the 10kg Fedex boxes. If we link the product to the shipping rate, it should be ok.

This worked fine, and gave good results, until I added two products in the cart. I had based the rates on one product, thinking that if the customer orders two, then the table rates will just be applied twice over, to give 2 x the shipping price of the product.

But it doesn’t work that way ... Instead, it appears that Magento would add up the shipping freight weights then, applies the table rates. In this case the rates don’t work unless we drastically rethink our table rates. Unfortunately, it gets even more complicated if a customer orders two different types of product, as I cant see how we can get the table rates to work in this case, ie where we normally link the product to the shipping price, once you add lines in the table, you will run into doubles and triples overlapping each other, and breaking the linking setup.

I could try and hack the code to apply the table rate for each individual item each time, but I wouldn’t know where to start, and it seems like a way that could cause problem when upgrading.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Are we approaching this the right way? Or will this never work?

Julian Robbins

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