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Magento AJAX Cart - Add products to shopping cart without annoying page re-loads
Indies Inc
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Indies Services brings you yet another great extension from our development team. Magento Ajax Cart extension is developed to make it easier for both buyers and store administrators to manage user experience and the buying process simpler. Ajax cart extension allows adding products to cart without frequent page reloads. Every potential customer can get irritated with so many page reloads before he gets to add products to cart. Using this simple Magento module when a use adds product to cart the page is not redirected instead it will dynamically add products to cart and a small ajax popup will be displayed for some time, letting the buyer know the products were added to cart. So the buyer can continue shopping without having to redirect back and forth between product pages and cart page.

Check out some of the features of this Extension:

- Really easy to install and use.
- Ajax cart extension supports all types of products provided by Magento.
- Stops page from being reloaded saving buyer’s time that could have been wasted if the page got redirected to cart page and the buyer still wanted to buy something else.
- Products can be updated or removed without reloading the page directly from the ajax cart shopping window.
- When you add new products to be bought they are automatically updated in the shopping cart.
- The My Cart link in top links gets updated with each product getting updated in the cart. E.g. “My Cart (4 items)”
- The AJAX cart window is automatically hidden after specific amount of time.
- Created with Magento coding standards without changing the core files.
- After inactive state of some specific minutes (15 minutes by default) the cart items get 0. This helps to stop unnecessary inventory changes due to high amount of orders.
- This extension is supported by major browsers like IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.
- Enable or Disable Ajax Cart On Product View Page from admin.
- Enable or Disable displaying total number of products and total amount in cart.
- Enable or Disable session timer from admin.
- Cart Reservation functionality for users to reserve products in the cart temporary unavailable for other users.
- AJAX activity indicator.
- “Show confirmation” dialog.
- Ability to specify quantity for products with options in pop-up window.
- Edit and remove products from Mini cart with Ajax pop up.
- Upload an image to indicate loading process.

For more features and information about this module:
Check it out on Magento Connect Page:
You can also contact us for customizing this module as per your requirements: Contact Us

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Warsaw, Poland


GoMage ProCart extension has the ability to update the total and add a product to cart with Ajax. It allows you updating without redirects.

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How to display shopping cart without Creating products in magento?

Please see demo link here, .

“Straight Router Bits Two Flute” is a category, that i created using admin panel.

I can create a table using WYSIWYG editor in Category ->General information -> Description.


1) Please look at the table. Every Row has one product.

2) Click on the images which is under “BUY” column,

3) Scroll your mouse above ,than Click on Shopping Cart link.

4) It will link to the shopping cart and respective products will be added.

a)This is what i needed or

b)in exactly, If we click on Images which under Buy column, It must link to the shopping cart and it must display respective product information and price.

What I have to do for the solution. I am not a expert in PHP. please inform clearly.


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Mage Solution
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If someone is looking for extension that allows to make Magento cart faster and time-costly for the customers ,you may consider our Magento Ajax cart
This extension will make shopping cart faster and more convenient. Your customer can easily add or remove items from cart without page reload or click update button.
It allows customer to continue shopping without interrupting the shopping process. Make sure your cart is user-friendly!
Specially, Magento Ajax cart extension is designed to not overwrite any files of Magento template. So, you can use this Magento extension for a lot of different Magento themes.
Magento Ajax cart extension supports Magento multi-stores
- It also supports Magento store with multi-languages
- It’s designed and coded with 100% open source code
- It’s very easy to install and configure
- It’s designed to have Magento Cart UI an absolutely friendly interface.
- Source code is validated with W3C standard

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You can also check out AJAX Shopping Cart extension. Its features include:

- A lot more user-friendly shopping process
- AJAX-based modern technology
- Support of configurable products and custom options
- Attractive and flexible cart overview window
- Option to continue shopping after adding a product to cart.

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Alena Dao
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With this Magento Ajax cart, your customers will find it very easy to add as many products to cart as possible or remove items from the cart without having to hit “Update” button and wait for pages to reload.  The customers can add products to cart whatever pages they are one, such as Homepage, Categories, Product details, Wishlist, Compare, Shopping cart

Moreover, Ajax pop-up window work as call-for-action buttons to Continue shopping or Go to checkout page while you are not navigated away from the current page.

only $49 For more benefits:

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