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International Shipping Configuration.. does it work ?? 
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Joined:  2007-10-24

I’m trying to understand how to set an international shipping configuration..
Is anyone able to set a good working configuration for this ?

I’m trying to work with Ups XML but at moment it does not work yet .. ( )
In the other hand I can not understand which is the way I have to follow for a good setup !

Personally I use to ship worldwide different kind of items.. ( big and light or verysmall for example )
How can I set a specific shipping costs module ??

Flat rate and free shipping are not for me at all !
I do not work with FedEx and DHL because in ITALY they are to expensive
Ups does not work at moment..
So : ??

Is anyone in the same condition ?
PS. This is the last step for me ! After this my web shop could be open !!!  PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP

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