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Google API Backend link broken
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I have recently upgraded to 1.4 and like many others did not have the smoothest transition.

Yesterday I was locked out of my admin by an extension called TBT enhanced Grid, after reading more information, I upgraded and regained access with the exception of the Google API settings.

When attempting to access the Google API setting from the back-end, I receive the error “There has been an error processing your request” with each time providing a new error number.

If someone can help I would really appreciate it.

Thank You

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Jr. Member
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Hi Shaaps

I encountered same problem as you - firstly got locked out of admin by TBT enhanced grid extension which l later fixed.

Also found that l couldn\’t access Google API and received the same error message as you.

I read this thread here mentioning that \"Google API was trying to retrieve a shipping method that was not available any more\”.

I realised that after upgrading to v1.4.0.1 my Mage_All.xml file had been overwritten. I had altered my previous Mage_All.xml file to include reference to a shipping extension that l had customised which was saved in my app/code/local directory.

After adding in the reference to my customised shipping extension in the v1.4.0.1 Mage_All.xml file, l am now able to access Google API.

So l think it is shipping extension related.  Hope this helps.

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