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Call for Price, Custom Registration Fields and Custom Options Extensions Released
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Joined:  2009-08-07

Following new extensions for Magento have been released by FME,

Call For Price

This Hide Price extension for Magento allows you to display custom message on place of price. It hides product price, and add to cart buttons. You can add seperate text for catalog and product page, enable form, display tool tips and much more. The best thing about this product is that it supports rules. You can create rules and define conditions which once met will automaticaly hide the prices of specified products.

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Custom Customer Registration Attributes

Add custom input/output fields on customer registration and accounts page. It supports following input/output fields: File, Image, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, Radio and check box. Automatic fields validation is supported. You can assign new fields to specific customer group and store view.

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Customer Options Pricing

A perfect alternative to configurable products, just create simple products and attached grouped options to them. Supports CSV pricing for variable sized pricing. Calculate pricing based on length, width and height etc.

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