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Vendor Management + PO Emailed to Vendor (on approval)
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Joined:  2008-05-17
New York

I have seen various posts that talk about how to create attributes for products so they are linked to a particular vendor, but I cannot find anything on PO generation to those vendors.  We currently have a custom solution that does this and we need it before we can take the Magento Plunge.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

--Item A is purchased by customer on website
--System generates a custom PO for item A(pdf or email) addressed to the particular vendor
--Admin approves PO and has it sent to Vendor
--If multiple items are purchased from different vendors then multiple POs are created
--PO uses “our purchase price” field in database
--If the customer cancels an order or refunds an item, a PO cancellation email is generated.



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