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Magento One Step Checkout - Solution to decrease abandonment rate
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As you know, many users are going to be prone to completely abandoning a transaction if they run into too many delays.  A recent study by VoucherCloud found that 57% of online consumers are willing to abandon a website and checkout process, if they are ever forced to wait more than 3 seconds.  Additionally, 80% of those users that do abandon the website are never going to return.  This means that businesses can never place too much importance on their checkout process and checkout speeds.  Therefore, ensuring that your visitors are able to quickly and seamlessly get through the checkout process is going to be a huge component in your success, particularly during the holiday season.

Magento One Step Checkout extension has been deveoped to make the checkout process become easily. It makes all checkout steps appear together in a single page for customers to fill in their information and modify any step at once. It is the fastest, fashion-est and become the most powerful extension which is super-designed for checkout page in your Magento store.

Let’s see and find Why Magento One Step Checkout extension is the best order management for Magento Store

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