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searching for documentation
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-05-14
Leipzig, Germany

hi at all,

please don’t hate me for my absolutely bad english, but i think the german community has to grow up a bit more to be really helpful, so i need to post my questions here wink

i’m tryin to build a shop with the magento framework and in order to that i need some custom modules. so far so good…
i’m quiet familiar with php and object oriented programming but i really have some problems with the declatrations and specifications of magento for assigning/installing new modules;)

in addition to that i have some questions which are very essentially for me.

where can i find som documentations about the magento xml-syntax?

i found some tuts about creating modules e.g.
and of course they declare some basics ...

but especially for the files
its a bit to specialised !!!

what about the case if i want to create a further navigation module, or something else?
which nodes are needed or necessary in these xml-files?? and what they will cause??

it would be very very nice, if someone could give me some hints!


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