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shared server install issues
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Co Meath Ireland

Not fun, and a lot of hassle that could have been avoided with better support documentation and information.

Host is, I’ve been using them for about 18 months and they are good.

Did a lot of reading here first, and got worried, but decided to give it a try.

Downloaded the complete package, unpacked it. uploaded to the server and then tried the procedure. Disaster.

So, what needed changing.

Shared servers usually block shell_exec(). The magento-check uses that, so it fails.

When Magento-check runs clean, you may still have problems, as curl is used, and many shared servers block curl_exec, and that’s not specifically checked in magento-check

Create a database, and user with full access, and load the demo data into the database.

For safety, make sure that the php.ini and the .htaccess files from the release are in the root folder, then modify the php.ini to make sure that the following lines are at the end.

curl_exec 1;

modify the .htaccess file if you are not installing in /magento/, and change the folder name to where you are installing.

Modify the release data to change the ./errors/ folder by renaming or copying the local.xml.sample file to local.xml, so that if it does go bad, you know why.

Copy the catalog file from the demo database into the media folder.

Do NOT try to change the permissions to 777 if you are on a shared server with SuPHP, which is very likely, use 755, otherwise you will get 500 errors.

In theory, it should now install. If using shared server, the database name will be prefixed with the user ID. as will be the user name.

Don’t check the URL it fails.

For now, I’ve not checked the Apache rewrite.

Before trying the frontend, log into admin, and make sure it works, one essential before the frontend works will be to reindex the database, which I suspect is due to the way the database is created and updated.

Some of the above could have been avoided with better pre install checks, and better documentation, and it’s a pity that Varien didn’t put some of this into the release info.

Hopefully, this will help some of you get it working without the pain and angst that’s been happening here this week.


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Ouch!  Looks like you hit almost every common installation problem going. 

I’m trying to help the community by creating high quality, step-by-step video tutorials and documentation on

Whilst it would be nice to have Varien keep the documentaiton up to date they appear not to have the resources to keep pumping out the updates and documentation.  There’s nothing stopping us (the community) editing the wiki pages.  When I get a spare minute or two I’ll be transferring a lot of my material in to the Magento Wiki.

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