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How to make sites most powerful to both boost sales and save budget
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As you can see, building up large websites always take a huge time and efforts even it causes hard solving problem for store owners to administer and develop
For example, although you could create a huge sitemap-like menu with links to every page, but it would become impossible to scan and grow increasingly large as more pages are added.
Moreover, menu is the main navigation factor for customers on your website because it is extremely essential that the menu would contain adequate necessary information, namely that which is needed by your potential customers.
Understanding this, the designer in MageShop has launched an extension called Magento Mega Menu extension.
this extension is the only solution to show customers the completed categories through Mega menu template and it would also be easy for users to choose which category they want to browse.”
Magento Mega Menu extension helps store-owners create professional magento navigation Menu easily without technical knowledge. Your customers can view and access products and categories just by hovering over the menu.
Why should you use Mega Menu for your website?
With Mega Menu, it is very useful and simple for you to customize Dropdown Menu for your website and create Menu using provided templates, to make it look more beautiful, smarter and friendly-user
With Mega Menu, you can easily bring a great amount of content, images or event videos to your users, simply by clicking your mouse. This is a main benefits of Drop down Mega Menu, compared to other normal Drop down Menus.
Instead of displaying all submenu contents in a single column when user hovering on parent menu, Drop down Mega Menu can help you in arranging many submenu items in different columns by different categories.
You can even load one or more modules on submenu to display more content on your website without spending your precious time wandering over your site.
The other elements are simply not visible to users . Shop owners can increase profits by changing the site menu – users should see all items of your catalog products immediately.
It is necessary that information was available at the first click. And this menu allows you to fully control/edit the store catalog displaying type.
Therefore, Magento Mega Menu is a valuable extension for all shop owners who want to earn huge profit from online business!
Welcome to MageShop - best magento extensions & magento themes with competitive price
Outstanding features:
Select categories and sub-categories to show on main menu and configure them to show in different columns with a user-friendly interface
Allow to restrict sub-categories and level of category on one menu. Allow and disallow which category to display within the dropdown menu
Able to add image for each category on the dropdown menu
Select any products you want to show in the main menu
Allow to set up categories/products showing in main menu as featured products/categories
Allow easy to add static content to main menu
Able to display whatever content format within the dropdown menu, such as images, video, flash,…
Able to use editor tool to edit content the format you want
Allow to insert whatever widgets (similar to widget insertion of a CMS page)
Allow you to add dynamic URL in the Editor
Allow to insert images into the dropdown menu
Able to add, delete, edit, re-arrange the menu’s order without any difficulties
Easy to manage and customize the dropdown menu
Possible to add static content to display in line with the list of sub-menus (changeable position: above, below, left, right in accordance with the sub-menus)
Manage the navigation of the menu flexibly
Allow to assign menu’s item to different stores
Able to select time duration to display the menu’s item
Able to add class to the menu’s item, this will help for developers to easy edit style of the menu
Allow you to select many menu themes for your store, there are 7 available themes to select and it will be updated with more themes soon
At front end
Visualize your website with the best sitemap right on the main navigation. It is also brilliant for Search Engine to detect the sitemaps for vistors to have the overall look all information on your site
Easy for vistors to recognized featured categories, products
Helpful for vistors to find out the information they need on the main navigation
Other features
Easy to install, easy to upgrade
HTML/ CSS and W3C validation
Friendly and flexible configuration
Cross-browsers compatibility
more details:

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