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Monster Magento Connect Bug Bit Me
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Monster Magento Connect Bug Bit Me

Hi Folks,

Have a bug here, cost me a day of work.

I am running of Magento, and have a lot of custom modules/extensions built in. I had decided to test them on 1.4 later, and roll them out with 1.324.

Getting towards the end of my development, I wanted to add a new theme. I wanted to add the Modern (plain) Theme from the Magento Core group. When I went to Magento Connect, I figured I’d use this key-based updater, It had worked fine months ago when I had added items.

This theme key, installed all of Magento 1.4 without an “Are you sure?”. It also included several bugs that wouldn’t let me into Magento. One bug wouldn’t let me in to the admin, after fixing that by deleting a Cache directory, half of the admin menus are gone.

I give up.

I have to build a new Magento 1.324 and install all of my additions.

If someone could pass this along to the Magento folks configuring MagentoConnect, that’d be great. Seems like a nice tool.

A theme should stop you if its the wrong version, not overwrite your environment.

Very happy with Magento, I understand the thoughts, but it cost me a day of my life.



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