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A few things I want to do for a project. 
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Looking in to using magento for a project which we are going to be starting soon. I am wondering about a few things tho to meet the aims of the project.

Firstly the customer has a main csv file that they use to import product information in to their quoting software with data such as teir prices. They want to update the products prices and import new products from this csv which the format can not be changed. Now in this csv file each product option has its own row with tier prices for that product.  I am wondering weather it would be better for me to use the data flow functionality for this or to write something that uses api to syncronise the products? Also in this csv product list no product has a unique id field. Instead a product has a manufacturer and a manufacturer ID, can i syncronise products on these two fields?

Secondly I looked at the structure Say if I want to write a module that changes site so that the customer would request a quote instead of buying the product where best to look in to integrating this module?

Would apriciate some answeres since most books ive seen on magento dont go in to great details and information is a little fractured on the net.

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