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Item qty in stock for products according to website
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Joined:  2008-03-26

Is there a way to show customers an items qty in stock on either the product page or the product list page?I need this to check product quantity according to website

Let me explain my problem.

what my requirement is that our customers are having different stores in different locations.So we need to change the
shipment origin for correct shipping charges.That cannot be achieved with different stores.So i am using two different website for
having different shipping origin.

They will have different inventory for each product in each store.We can manage inventory globally not on store basis.So What i am doint creating product catalog twice.they’ll have the same product in both the websites with same sku .So what i have done i removed the unique value for sku from database.
Now i am able to add same sku for two products.

if a product is out on stock in one website,then i need to check its available quantity in another website.If that product is available there then we will give a link to another website

Please guide me how to achieve this and also tell me if i there any other way to achieve this. rolleyes

Thanks a lot

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