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Configurable Product with related image and pricing
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I have just installed Magento and am playing around with it! I think it is fantastic, but before I go and invest time in this framework I would like if possible for one of the technical guys to let me know if Magento can do something that I need!

The best way to describe it is to show it to you! If you would be kind to go to then you will see an example of a configurable product that is set up in such a way as to change the image and pricing based on the options given.

Can Mangento do such a thing or is it necessary for custom development?

I read and looked at grouped and configurable products showcasts and I am not too sure if this is done out of the box.

I plain words I required the following:

A client chooses a product where he/she can read technical information about it. Then options are displayed so that he/she may use to configure the desired product (width, height, colour, glass, vents...etc) As the choices are selected, an image with the related description and price is then generated!

Perhaps a better definition is to call the product as a pre-set options. The way the previous system was done is by creating a price definition which allows you to add many definition! On each definition you choose the width, height, etc, and then you place a price and choose an image so that on the user interface it shows as such.

I would appreciate it very much if someone would be kind enough to direct me in the right direction to try and achieve this…

Thank you in advance…

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Yes, it is possibly to dynamically load simple product image, price and description for part of the configurable product with the Image-Based Dynamic Configurable Products

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