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Would you use Magento as a simple Add To Cart / Checkout engine if that option were available?
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Use Magento for a Checkout / Add To Cart Engine ONLY? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-04-23
Omaha, NE

I was wondering if there’s any option for using Magento to simply handle an “Add To Cart” action similar to how PayPal’s checkout works. If not, I think it could be a great option for consideration.

We have several clients who have on-demand/inventory-less items (like photos) and other simple products that require nothing fancy except for a solid back-end for the cart and checkout process. We also have some extremely complex items that Magento is simply not capable of handling at this time. Being able to simply add an item to the cart with a product number and descriptors without having it in the catalog would be very cool.

Any input or feedback in this department would be greatly appreciated.

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Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-05-08

I’m going to be using this as a price estimator, and was wondering if the actual payment gateway could be bypassed without “hacking” the code to do it.

When patrons select the menu items for their wedding brunch, select the linens, the theme, etc, I want them to have something saved / posted / emailed for follow-up and later reference.



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