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Dropdown not showing in layered navigation
Jr. Member
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Does anyone has the issue with dropdown values not showing up in layered navigation even though “Filterable(with results)” is selected for “Use In Layered Navigation” and there are products with this attribute populated?

I have dropdown attributes with values in them but they are not showing up in the layered navigation in version

They were showing up in version I use the same script to do the setup and uploading of attributes, attribute sets, and products.

It seems “multiselect” attributes are showing up in layered navigation in version with no issue.

Here is how I made it work manually, but I rather have the script does it.

I use a script to load all the attributes, attribute sets, and products. But the dropdown values do not show on the layer navigation as they should.

However, it seems if I let the script create the attributes and attribute sets. Then manually go into the admin panel, pull up the dropdown attribute and just simply click “save”. Now, if I use the same script that I used to add products, then any product added with that attribute will show up in the layered navigation.

So, this does not work

Run script adding attributes
Run script adding products

This works.

Run script adding attributes
Manually go into admin panel, open up the dropdown attribute and click “save”
Run script add adding products

What’s special about having me go into the admin panel and “save” the attribute again that make it work, but automating the process does not work?

If someone would give a hint I would really appreciated it.

Attach is a screenshot of the attribute setup.

Image Attachments
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Jr. Member
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Moergestel, the Netherlands

Hi, we had the same problem so I had a look in the database and found that in 1.4 there is a new tabel called catalog_product_relation.
Our scripts from 1.3 do not account for that.
So make sure that your product_id of your configurable is added to this new tabel “catalog_product_relation” as parent_id. And that the simples belonging to that configurable are added as child_id to the parent_id. You may find that this solves your problem.

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Jr. Member
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Los Angeles

@Isolde: Thanks a million for your posting - this was the missing piece to my layered navigation nightmare!!!

Here’s how i fixed it:

INSERT INTO catalog_product_relation (parent_idchild_id)
SELECT catalog_product_link.product_idcatalog_product_link.linked_product_id
  FROM catalog_product_link

Here’s some other tips I picked up along the way:
* Make sure your attributes with multiple select, drop downs, and yes/no are not searchable (a.k.a quick search).
* The only ones which should be searchable (a.k.a quick search) are text area and text field.
* Make sure your configurable products do not require a “Unique Value” in Attribute Properties
* Manually delete all cache stored in var/cache
* After making changes to tables, go Admin > Index Mgmt > rebuild “Product Attributes” than rebuild “Catalog Search Index”.

Tables that handle parent/child info:


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