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Disappearing Navigation
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-04-09

I am having trouble with my category navigation bar. Every time you click on the navigation to go somewhere the whole navigation disappears. If you click on the logo to go to the index(home page) it appears again. It was working fine before and now all of a sudden its deciding to be stubborn.

I also have multiple stores and they where all working great. Each have their own root categories. Now a couple of them have no navigation at all on store index page.They are visible on top navigation such as"my account”, “Checkout”, etc.

I’ve tried refreshing/flushing all mageto’s cache types and indexing.

If anyone has had similar issues or knows how to fix this please contact me asap. I would really hate to re install megento.

Here is my site to give you an idea of my problem. (dont use any of the location besides “TG Main")

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