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iphone - magento admin / dashboard / backend not supported??? 
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Joined:  2009-07-21


Our grand plan this year included making administration of our magento websites a mobile thing logging in anywhere in the World to update stock levels, change pricing, check the sales, get stock warning notifications, add products etc.

We can login to the admin of magento but none of the menu dropdowns work.

I’ve found threads going back to 2008 with this issue and lots of stuff about front end templates for iphones but for us backend templates are just as important.

We can’t see if it is a Safari browser issue, an iphone weakness, javascript permission problems, an issue thats solved elsewhere or an just an oversight....

Surely one of the Worlds most popular ecommerce software solutions can talk to one of the Worlds most popular super phones?

If not, when?

Maybe we could club together to get a programmer to do it?

Thanks, Darrell

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