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Image upload not saved in database ( 
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I tried to upload product images to magento.

First big trouble was Safari on Mac OS X, which did not show the Browse or Upload buttons. So I used Firefox instead and those buttons did work.

Then I uploaded an image and clicked on the image button (not small image and not thumbnail) in the row of that image, added a description and finally I clicked on the save button on the top of the page.

If I take a look at my Table “catalog_product_flat_1”, there is no column with a name “image”. There is only “image_label”, but this one, as “small_image” and “small_image_label” are filled with “no selection” and “NULL”, so it seems, like these values won’t get saved.

Is it correct to have no “Image” column at all? Where is the path to the image saved?

=> OK. Installed the demo-store and checked those tables. There is no “catalog_product_flat_1” table at all. But there is a “catalog_product_entity_media_gallery” table, where the references to the file-system are kept. In my case this table is completely empty. Any idea what’s going on here? Why are my images not referenced in this table after uploading the image and saving the product item?

Please find 2 screenshots attached.

As you can see on the left there is no separate “images” category. The image-Upload (German: Bilder) is directly integrated into the main description page. This is quite different from the demo-store. I don’t quite understand this…

I cannot save or use any product image so far - please help.

Thanks a lot and best regards,

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