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Help with database manipulations (inserting data in the database..)
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Ok so im strolling through the code to learn how it works, i like it a lot, but now im really stuck.

I need to modify the product adding code so that when it saves, it adds automatically a url_rewrite specific to my needs.  Now, i got the event observer to work right, and i really like that way of doing overrides and customizations.

But when i wanted to add the code to insert a new url_rewrite, i got completely stuck.  I tried to pin down where the product saving procedure inserts the rewrite with the proudct name, but i found out that its an attribute of the product which is rewritten with formatURLKey in the beforeSave method of this attribute, so everything goes in the database according to a configuration i didnt find yet.

The thing i’d like to know is, is there any place, site, wiki, doc, source code i can read to understand what is the procedure to write in the database, where are the configurations and such?  Especially if an example with this url_key thing could be made, that would really help, because i cant seem to find out where the configuration which take this attribute and put it in the good table is.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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