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No automatic redirect in Google Checkout? 
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I am working with Magento with the latest Google Checkout 1.2 extension. I am testing my just-before-the-release Magento site with Google Checkout Sandbox. I have a test Merchand and a test buyer, test transaction is fine, I get a “Complete” status in Magento once I paid via the GC Sandbox, also get a confirmation letter from GC to finalize the purchase.

I have these settings in the GC admin:

Settings -> Preferences -> Order Processing: Automatically authorise and charge the buyer’s card.

Settings -> Integration ->
* API Callback URL :
* Notification is set as XML.
* Advanced Settings are set by the official Magento recommendations (

In Magento:
Google API -> Google Checkout
* Secure Callback URL: No (also tried with Yes, there was no difference)
* Continue Shopping URL:

However, there is still some problems:

1. The content of the cart is not deleted after the order status become “Completed” which is really bad.

2. Both the externally developed RBS WorldPay extension and the built-in Magento PayPal module - with the right settings - automatically redirects the customer after the payment to the Magento “Thank you page” (in case of digital download products, which is my case).

Even if I set my “Continue Shopping URL” field in the GC Magento, once I get to the GC confirmation page ("Your order has been sent to Return to» “) and click to the “»” it redirects me to the homepage, instead of the Magento “Thank you page” (

The Tools / Integration Console show this message: “We encountered an error trying to access your server at—the error we got is Send failed with code: 401. Response body was: Invalid Merchant Id/Key Pair” is suspicous as the ID and the merchant key are fine and set by copy/paste in Magento from the GC admin area.

Any idea
1. why the cart is not deleted after the order got “Completed” status?
2. why it does not automatically redirect to the thank you page? I hope GC work not just this semi-automatic way....


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