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unable to upload products using imported products from magento test site. 
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Starting Mage_Dataflow_Model_Convert_Adapter_Io :: load

Could not load file: “/home/charm7go/public_html/\Users\Tracy\Desktop\products(1).xml”

This is the error that I continue to get.  The Products(1).xml is from another magento site that the products are already installed with photos.  I am trying to move the uploaded products of one to this test magento site that is uploaded without errors.  Can some one help.  I have also tried a csv file that I went in and tried to do the field mapping, however the xml &/or excel file that I am starting out with is a storesonline store file.  I have tried to go in and set up the correct mapping without any luck.  I have over 5000 products times 3 sites and it just makes me sick to my stomach maybe having to do these all by one by one.

Can anyone help????  I know it is getting the field mapping correct.  I have installed one product on the good trial site, tried to export that so I would have the correct mapping, that did not work either please help? snake

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