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Problem creating new order in Admin Panel.  Possible js/blank.html issue
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I am hoping that someone has run into this problem.  I have a client that is having a problem creating orders in the backend Admin panel.
Running Magento ver. 1.11.10 Enterprise / Payment service
Browsers: Firefox, Chrome

User logs into Admin panel, navigates to Sales/Orders. 
Select Create New Order
Selects a customer
Selects store (Multiple stores)
Selects product
Select Shipping
Enters Payment information:  Credit Card data
Clicks Submit Order

The processing dialog is display and keeps spinning.  This goes on for a while. if you close the window and go to the Orders List you see the newly created order.

The issue is the popup dialog does not close and the screen is not updated to say a new order has been created.
No errors are generated in the log files, but when I look at the request via Firebug I note a file called Blank.html is being requested and the request never seems to finish.  See screen shot.  Note timeline column.  The blank.html file is in the correct location js/blank.html.  This file contains zero bytes.  I think this file might support ie7 but not sure.  I’ve tried only loading the js for blank.html (layout/page/head.html) only for ie7 but it still makes a request for the file.

As anybody run into this issue?

I think this thread is similar

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