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Remove “+£xx” from options on product view (configurable products)
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2011-09-30

This worked great for me for Option Type Dropdown in 1.6.2

create these local directories:

Now to solve the problem on a simple product with custom options


Make these changes in local Select.php

For option type Dropdown or Multiple select

Replace this

$_value->getTitle() . ‘ ‘ . $priceStr . ‘’

with this

$_value->getTitle() . ‘ ‘ . ‘’

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Jr. Member
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Worked for me just fine! Magento CE
I added file that can be used to override original file. Just put it in app/design/frontend/[your_package]/[your_theme]/template/catalog/product/view/type/options/
and every thing should be just fine.

(:Thanks GL!

benz001 - 07 November 2010 10:14 PM

To address the original thread question (ie the price difference being shown for configurable products), you can easily remove this by overriding the javascript object’s method that updates this string, doing it this way means you only change your template file - no core changes are required.

Look for the template:

Around line 44 you’ll find:

var spConfig = new Product.Config(<?php echo $this->getJsonConfig() ?>);

Immediately before it we rewrite the function
//Rewrite the function
    Product.Config.prototype.formatPrice = function(){
return '';
var spConfig = new Product.Config(<?php echo $this->getJsonConfig() ?>);
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Jr. Member
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So I am having no luck with this. I am using 1.4. What I am trying to do is take out the “Add $10” after custom options on our web site. I tried doing this through configurable.phtml, but it didn’t change anything. It should be a simple off/on feature in the admin in my opinion. We don’t want customers to see the different add on prices on the site. Anyone have any other way to hide this? I have googled it and seen some advice on how to do it, but to no avail. If there is a step I am missing, please let me know.

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