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Anti virus protection on web host
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Hi All,

I would like to bring up an issue I have with my web host and get responses and what other doing to keep their files clean of viruses.
I have done a back up to all my files and kept them on my machine.
Day later AVG antivirus found that these files are infected with trojan and cant heal them.
I deleted the files and scaned the my computer. NO Infection was detected.
I have downloaded again the backup files of the site and found again they are infected.

I emailed host support and they told me they dont provide anti virus protection and they don’t
responsible for account content.

My questions are:
1. Should I shop around and find web host who are scan their accounts on permanent base or this is the same with all the web hosts and
no antivirus and malware protection provided anywhere?
2. I am on shared host. How can I keep my files scaned on regular bases? Is it possible to run antivirus on the server?

Kind Regards

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Brno | London | Los Angeles

First of all - you should find out what’s going on - what trojan did AVG found? Some PHP code, javascript code, perl script, shell script, exe file or what? Try also another antivirus - for example Nod32 is good one. AVG is known to give sometimes false alarms.

Than you should find out where it came from - ie. somebody hacked your webhoster, you use some vulnerable script next to your Magento installation, or is your computer compromised and SSH / SCP / FTP access stolen, or ... whatever.

This is really important - if there is some kind of trojan, you have to know the way your Magento was hacked to be able to prevent such future failures.

You have to also clean your Magento installation - this trojan can steal your customers payment details etc. - so this is very important and necessary step.

And finally take precautions - depending on previous research. And yes - there are webhosters with antiviruses - check:;=hosting+antivirus+protection&aq;=f&oq;=&aqi;=

Good luck


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