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How do I increase max product description length (when importing from .csv)? 
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I’ve been trying to import some products from a really big .csv file.
The file itself is about 15Mb, with attributes containing lots of plain text.

I’ve found out smaller lines are processed fine and heavier ones aren’t.
The threshold is about 10kb per line (though, not totally sure about it).

I’ve made some experiments:
1) when I add some arbitrary text to smaller lines, that were processed fine before, they stop being imported;
2) no matter where I delete text from the line, it’s imported fine only if its size is less than that certain limit: I can delete a couple of attributes, or some text from every attribute—it works fine anyway.
3) adding tons of text via web interface works perfectly, so that’s not a problem with magento itself, but with a way it handles importing;

Any ideas how to increase max size of the .csv line?

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