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Cannot successfully import csv
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Joined:  2008-03-16

I have been searching on how to import products into Magento, trying everything I can think of.  I made sure the values are in “quotes” and that the csv file is saved in UTF-8.

This is a test product I am trying to import

"Default","123","TEST","12.95","6.95","Test Product IMPORT 1"

I have selected Default in the profile where it says “(Products will be added/updated to this store if ‘store’ column is blank or missing in the import file.)”

I have put the store attribute as the first attribute to map, but the attached image shows when I took it out of mapping, in hopes the profile would use the Default store selected in the above paragraph. (non-default mapping)

I have also tried exporting what I have in the store now so I can take the headers and change the import profile to use the default headers, without any luck.  I have even tried to import the just-exported csv and that didn’t even work.

This is the error I get, no matter what I try…

Starting profile executionplease wait...
WarningPlease don't close window during importing/exporting data

    * Starting Mage_Dataflow_Model_Convert_Parser_Csv :: parse
    * Found 1 rows
    * Starting catalog/convert_adapter_product :: parse
    * Skip import row, required field "store" not defined
    * Processed 100% 1/1 records
    * Imported 0 records
    * Finished profile execution.
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