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Google analytics tracking does not in using Google Chrome
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Joined:  2009-12-19

This was interesting issue that I ran into today. We were testing a fresh install of Magento to see how out of the box integration with GA works. I usually use Google chrome. I configured everything correctly couple of days ago and made sure the site is sending data to Google. Today, I placed an order and checked later to see how it appeared in GA. The data was interesting:

- when I look in the checkout/onepage/success/ page, I did not see any of the GA code for inserting the transaction to Google analytics.
- When I look in GA, SOME of the data is missing:
Sales of 0 products generated $15.00 (correct revenue amount) but sales of 0 product?

the data also shows:
33.33% Conversion Rate
1 Transactions (correct)
$15.00 Average Order Value (correct)
1 Purchased Products (correct).
But when I click on the 1 Purchased Products, I get no records found

I thought this was an issue with Magento integration with GA. I then decided to test the same thing using Firefox. This problem does not exist!. GA tracking code for adding transaction and add_products exists when I view source using FF.

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