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Having problems with magento soap v1 ‘cataloginventory_stock_item.update’
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-06-03

i ran in to some problems with the magento soap v1 API. I make calls from JavaScript which do work eg. “login”, “cataloginventory_stock_item.list etc” via “call” etc.

Now i was trying to update the stock value of one of my products with “cataloginventory_stock_item.update” but only receive strange errors. Either it says product doesn’t exists and i’m sure it does as i use the same product id for cataloginventory_stock_item.list and it works, or i see “ faultcode 1. internal error, see logs” which isn’t helpful if you can’t find the bespoken log.

Now my questions:
1. where are these logs? can’t find anything api related neither in var/reports nor /php_errorlog
2. am I messing something up with my arguments? I must admit it’s quite confusing for me to build JSON arguments matching the php example ones in the in my opinion poorly documented API:

                    productId,              //given integer to string
qty.toString()                                   //given integer to string

success: function (soapResponse{
"Success: " soapResponse.toString());

error: function (SOAPResponse{
"Error: " SOAPResponse.toString());

thanks for any help or hint!

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