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One Page Checkout Broken: no styling and stuck on Step 2 HELP! 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2010-01-07

Was working in the backend (changed the ‘name’ of “Main Website Store” in System>Manage Stores) and somehow the one page checkout broke on my Magento site.

Two main symptoms:

1. The checkout page has no more header, footer, or background styling, just the checkout block divs appear on the screen with a blank white background.

2. The checkout no longer functions...gets stuck at Step 2 (Billing Info), when you click on the Continue button it shows the “Loading Next Step” animation but then does nothing, remains on Step 2!

I cannot figure out what I did to cause the checkout to bust like this, when I returned the admin settings to their original values the problem remained.  PLEASE HELP!

check out my problem site here:
(add an item to cart and click checkout to see what I am talking about)

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