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Upgrading from 0.6.14100 to latest release
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Joined:  2007-09-15

I’m running a magento 0.6.14100 install on a live shop for some months now, there are products, customers and orders in the system, and i’m tring to upgrade to the latest release to get rid of some bugs, get improved speed and added features.  My goals are simple, i don’t mind setting up all settings etc again, but i need to keep the products customers and orders.

I’m trying for some days now and this are the attempts i made

1. delete all files, upload new files, manually fix the local.xml and open a page.  I got an exeption, i narrowed it down to the foollowing snipplet in Mage/Core/Model/Config.php around line 200. The loadToXml throws an exception, and because of that, magento can’t find the store. I tried changing run() in the index.php to run(’base’) and run(’default’) with no improvements.

$dbConf Mage::getResourceModel('core/config');

2. second attempt, found this in some thread on the forum, i uploaded the source, ran the installer and inputted the db data from the .6 site. After some time i got a /index.php/install/index.php loop after the db step. I tired the fix for this problem found on this forum (some request parameters had to be changed) but that didn’t help.

3. do a clean install and start transferring data from sql to sql. Well, installing went great, but while i understand the reasons for the magento data normalisation in the db, i find it very hard to follow and do stuff with directly in sql. So that dind’t work as well.

So, what now…

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