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Hi everyone,

I know it is on the roadmap but i just wanted to suggest few features about downloadable products:

1. Full Paypal IPN support.

2. Paypal IPN confirmation with “Product Name”

3. Compatible with eBay transactions.

4. Flexible download periods like date based, hour based or download times 3 times 1 times etc. For each product or each customer group.

5. Encrypted download links. Also rengeneratable. smile

6. Auto redirection option to download page after payment.

7. Products can be placed outside the web folder.

8. Remote URLs can be added.

9. Download instruction email after full payment. Include encrypted link option username and password.

10. “Your Downloadable Products” menu for registered customers.( If same option can be available for nonregistered customers, will be great!)

Just thoughts. I am in the business for a long time and most required features for most downloadable product sellers.


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