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Configurable product - Options list instead of dropdown menu. 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-11-13

I set up a webshop with a mix of simple and configurable products. All configurable products do only have a single option to choose from. I would like to show the customer a kind of list where all available options are visible at once, with form fields to put the desired value in.
If the single product behind the option is sold out. The form field should be replaced with “out of stock” like with normal single products, too.

So, if a customer gets on the product page for a given configurable product, he gets all options listed and may choose to buy 1x option A, 4x option B, 1x option F and then hit once “Add to Cart” and that’s it.

Does anybody know, how to approach this problem? Any help is highly appreciated.

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