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Lost password—how to get into my store admin??!! [SAVED!)
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[UPDATE!  I am saved! I tried an old login and pass for the 5th time and it finally worked! I thought I had changed it. Ugh! Well, I am saved… I also updated the email for contacts and password renewal to my address from my LAME-ASS old SLEEZY coder! —JP)

Hi! I have no idea how this happened but my password doesn’t work to get into my Magento Admin page anymore. Any ideas on how to get in?

I had a coder who helped me set it all up but he’s not replying. Ugh!

I think I know the username.

My new computer is attempting to autofill the username and it seems like the correct name.

I’m trying to have it send me a password to my standard biz acc’t email but nothing shows up.

I wonder if it’s still set to the coder’s email acc’t. I didn’t get very far in using the store before I had to do other work for 6 months now I’m trying to get into it again and get it rolling! The store is all set up and live on my website. It has products but very few images or descriptions so it still needs a lot of work. The shipping/billing aspects aren’t set up at all.

I have indeed logged in before!

I’ve tried other computers in my office that I might’ve used, no help.

I have my computers set to “autofill.” I did retire a computer this spring—maybe that was the only one I used to work on it. I can still use that computer as a remote drive but its OS won’t boot. Is autofill info saved in some folder in a browser’s directory?


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Check this thread



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