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How to (show extra costs) when a subtotal is bigger or equal then a xxx number? 
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I know there is no option in Magento to add costs to a order.
Our company adds extra costs when somebody orders anything beneath € 125 (we want to charge € 17.50 for shipping.)

I got this working by making a fixed rate shipping method which carries our extra costs. (€ 17,50)
Then i made a price cart rule with the following actions
Whenever the cart price rule is met ( subtotal equal or bigger then 125)
The actions are : free shipping.

The problems with this method is :

1. extra costs don’t initially show up on the shopping cart so the customer is not aware of these extra costs (when they order beneath € 125)
2. you have to click on the shipping method within the one page checkout for it to be activated.
3. so customers only see the extra cost at the last step of the one-page checkout which is unacceptable.

Can any body help me or tell me how i can put extra costs when a cart price rule is true?
Also and would it be possible to show these extra costs directly in the shopping cart instead of at the end of the one-page checkout?

kind regards,

i hope i explained it so everybody understand (I’m not that good in English).


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