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first critics but try to build UP this great tool ! 
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Joined:  2013-11-15

all what i write here is 1st view about magento which seduces me for its complete solution..
but then i tried to install .. and .. that appears not so easy, some points not clear as they could be: (think about pro and familiar with magento but not thinking about new comers ... model seems 1st for commercial economic model, not for a big spread of tool: community is on border not on front…

there must be sub-topics .
the forums are all in divert and unprecise questions.. all is mixed, drawn…

there is ok a domain like install/ design…
but in fact, when inside thread: all is there, not classed: need some structure more than about 5000 topics all around without clear views ! ??

then may be use:
big thread/domain
-> sub-thread
-> elements
try about 10 sub-ones to keep easy access:

here nothing can be retrieve without search (you believe that ‘s enough) but yep, ok with good key words sometimes.. but also it obliged to read all the topics to find the good clues, not the solution.. but navigating in this maze is suffering chaotic method and hasardeous for sure. getting a bit of more structure of magento must help understand its engine too

may this is not so difficult for master-developpers to get a bit of the magento structure in the threads of the forum ?
e-learning integration

in fact for now,
as i used some joomla (pretty like magento install) but chose for years the wordpress easyness...:
their communty is ready and reactive.

. extension with key given ??
i’m a bit surprised with the model of magento-connect which seems to keep stats on extensions downloaded (oops but with key .. for me for now that has not gone, coz of a bad ftp adress it seems) - - in WP, you can always download extension as you want and get it directly on your server.. here : no more…
--> review: ok that goes right now as i’ve done one ok.. i search for skin now, and don’t find .. but near ..
--RE2 : a good remark: you put in a table, in alpghhabetical order .. wink ok clean, but not very usable:
--> you know that connect controls some dependancies, also when all marked, then the upgrades are done by alphabetical order (no ?) THEN .. yep there are some errors coz of this not logical upgrading: put away alphab for a logical-install step by step to eliminate errors.. and not losing time to get back to upgrade once more .. wink !!

AH .. one strange thing: as it is a very evolved tool: why is there no updater of core system ?
----> next is exploring .. i found the upgrade in connect manager .. wink ok good !
think about what i first find and look at .. are not the essentials perhaps ?

.. so many files ? request charge heavily servers… may scripts be unified/compiled like a ratio of 100 unified in 1 ??
it may be like a C++ or java before compile model: not a php one : big structure once more !

ok, i try more to install once more to test and play with connect too ! (about 5 essays, but something wrong with my service server, i’ve to use their install.. but for now ok...)

REview: Ah .. the sample-data ! .. i finally found one.. which i’ve to delete ! (!!) coz without extension in one data base it was no good..:
i maintain that you may use a prefix (like mag_)for this sample !! (with this way, anyone can test products, and a pretty finished site..) then anyone can rename easily with phpmyadmin, which is stupidly impossible (oh take about long long time) without prefix !

thank you for this great tool, and take my remarks as a noob user ! smile

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