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Get nice SEO Layered Navigation functionality with Improved Navigation extension by Amasty
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The benefits of applying SEO to Magento stores nowadays are countless. Brand awareness, traffic generation, low cost per one attracted visitor, high website positions in organic search results to name but a few. SEO is the tool not to be ignored in the contemporary world.

- Make SEO-Friendly URLs
- Build nice landing pages
- Specify more relevant meta tags
- Optimize brand descriptions and meta tags for SEO
- Create cross-links

All this is possible with Seo Layered Navigation functionality, included into Improved Navigation page extension.

Creation of understandable and appealing links

When customers come to your store from search engines, they need a confirmation that their choice was right, so they look for common words at the address bar and if don’t find any, they close the page, which isn’t the best result of their visit for you. Now you can have nice-looking and search engine optimized urls like shopby/logitech.html or computers/shopby/logitech.html.

A number of SEO enhancements

You can choose canonical url structure, set ‘noindex’, ‘nofollow’ parameters for navigation pages and more.

Extra short brand urls

Create clear and nice-looking short links for better display and fast brand recognition. For instance:

Custom meta tags for pages with selected attributes

Let’s say you have a page on which color ‘black’ and brand ‘htc’ are selected in the navigation. Now you can specify more relevant meta tags for such pages and improve your site rates with this magento seo extension. On top of this you can display custom title and CMS blocks for such pages.

Manufacturer landing pages with logos, descriptions, layered navigation and meta tags

Landing pages are a well-known marketing tool. With the extension you can optimize the brand description and meta tags for SEO and create attractive and easy to use pages with brand logos and left side navigation. Of course, you can also use HTML in the attribute descriptions to beautifully format them.

Generate cross-links and show attribute images at the product page

Along with icons for layered navigation, you will also have an option to upload an attribute icon for product pages. The icons will link to the list of all products sharing this attribute option (e.g. some product quality, let’s say brand or color), this will create additional cross links, which will make it easier for customers to find similar or matching products and improve your site SEO.

Advanced SEO feature, requires deep SEO knowledge

When there are very many attributes and their values, there’s a huge number of possible attribute value combinations and pages accordingly. This may cause google not to index part of pages. You can specify a parameter for urls with multiple attribute values, which also needs to be specified in google account settings

For more details, user guide and live demo please follow the link -

To see other features of the extension visit Improved Navigation page

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I want to contribute an useful article to help all you friends know about How to SEO on Magento open source?

This is the table of content that this article will guide you, step by step, slowly but firmly, full details but easy to make you hold the full knowledge about SEO on Magento.
Table of contents

1 Basic technical optimization
1.1 General Configuration
1.1.1 WWW vs non-WWW
1.2 Header Settings
1.3 CMS Pages
1.4 Category optimization
1.5 Products optimization
2 Magento Template Optimization
2.1 Optimized Blank Template
2.2 Headings
2.3 Clean up your code
2.4 Aim for speed
3 Advanced Magento SEO and Duplicate Content
3.1 Noindex, follow for non-content pages
3.2 Nofollowing unnecessary links
3.3 Canonical URLs
3.4 XML Sitemaps

To achieve knowledge, come here!

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I also want to contribute a very comprehensive post, it will guide you details on How to SEO on Magento?
Magento SEO extension

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Please Check May be someone help this

Thank you

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