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Add to cart - Checkout not working *confused*
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I’ve built a shop using Magento (of course). It’s basically a simple site with the outer layer changed and the inner content stays the same (just for simplicity’s sake).

Now, I’ve not changed any of the checkout files or anything to do with the checkout, it’s basically just been skin files.

Now my problem is that when you click through to a product and select the add to cart button nothing happens, but the add to cart button does work on the previous page when browsing all products.

Now after adding a product to the cart, hit the checkout button and it takes you to the “log in” or “create account” page but the drop down bar does not drop down (even when clicked), I had to unhide it using firebug (removing display:none;).. Even after doing that and trying to create an account the “continue” and “login” buttons don’t work.

It’s like the javascripts on the page to control the buttons, add to cart/continue/login is not functioning properly.

Has anyone else had this trouble or know how to fix it?

Please see: for reference (only 1 product in the shop under “Mens Hoodies & Sweats” (hover over ‘mens’ top menu)

Kind Regards


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