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Problem with urls - A question for magento admin and programmers! 
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i am having live magento store. i am very fine with the job magento is doing for me but the only problem is as follows:

yesterday i was trying to make a google site map with a google sitemap generator tool. then till 14 hours it is still reading the pages i have on my magento store basically i am having only 200 products and 40 categories approx mean not a big site but the problem goes as follows for me:

sitemap generator tool says 180,000 + pages are yet to read and 55k pages are read already

how come this sort of big nubmbers of pages in my store with only 200 products about. i check it in depth and find out that magento commerce is having some sort of session id or what i say url problem for e.g. i am having something like this urls a lot are coming for bot to read:

niether these sort of urls are good for my site nor they are good for google indexing.

so for e.g. with this sort of urls i am sure i cannt go for good SERP or indexing status in google.

please help me asap....


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This seems to be a current issue with how magento handles urls. Have a look if the posted workaround in this thread helps:

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