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Stuck!  1 Col Blue Theme - Need 2 Edit Advanced Search, Search Col etc. (in Boxes.css?)
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-12-21

Hi there, this is my first Magento run, it’s great but I’m stuck here: I’ve installed on a static site, and since I don’t have the site’s natives, I recreated for Magento to match the look and feel (ignore the padding gap over the navigation (looks fine on my system/IE 8 - can fix by removing padding?). The issue is I can’t find the following cols to edit: Advanced Search, Search, and Create and Account ( You can see how their width pushes the right col outside the background image. If I try to fix via the editing the body width in boxes.css the background image truncates.

So, do I A. decrease the main col width to fit main, right and left cols? B. remove the extra cols via each page seperately or in configuration, i.e. are they defaulting to 3 col? Or C. if no workaround remove right col and left-pad left? THANKS SO MUCH. Christina

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