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Downloadable Products? 
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I am new to Magento.  I am actually just trying to figure out if it is going to offer me all the things I am looking for before OFFICIALLY having it developed by a pro.  But, I have been playing around in the back-end myself on a sorta fake site I created to test out some features myself.

Anyway, my question for now as I have extended this to work on my iphone now and have placed test orders for products, I MAINLY sell downloadable products, .zips, mp3s, mp4s, pdfs, etc....

I don’t see these downloads show up at all on my account when I look on my iphone, nor on the invoice.

Is this something that can currently be extended to work that way, so my customers can just get their downloads straight to their iphones from my store?

Any solutions, or suggestiosn?



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