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Dynamic Frontpage. 
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I understand that to be able to put products into the frontpage, we can achieve that by editing the “Homepage” through CMS area. But I did just that and ran into an issue as the store I am currently setting up has 3 currencies. So those frontpage products are static and doesn’t reflect to changes made when currency is changed.

Perhaps some of you might suggest adding another controller or hacking the core to achieve that, I’d be gladly follow that if there adequate information on how that was achieved.

Another point is that, I see that some of us have been wanting an easy way to query those products with special attributes, let’s say feature to show on a specific page (frontpage or some other page), I have an idea in mind which is adding an attribute named “special” with possible values of “true” and “false” which defaults to false. So during the query, all those products with special attribute equals to true will be grabbed and presented.

As I am currently rather new to Magento framework and with the limited documentation on the internet, what I can do is asking for hints and perhaps some guidance from all of you. Thank you.



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