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A couple Qs
Ron Phillips
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Joined:  2008-04-16

First - Is there any documentation for tags and function calls that can and are being used the templates?

Second - I’ve added attributes to the global scope, but they don’t appear on the admin form. Eventually, I want to pair down the a majority of catalog attributes, as the store I’ve been hired to build sells a single type of product, Comics. But I can’t even get the attributes to appear, so it’s going to be fun figuring how to remove them.

Third - The store I’m building will often have variant covers or may have variant formats (pamphlet, paperback, hardbound). Duplicating is a great feature, but there’s no way to attach previously loaded images to the duplicates. Images is one of the features that doesn’t get duplicated. Is there a way to attach images to multiple catalog items? I really would hate to waste the time to uploaded them as well as waste storage on multiple copies.

Finally - At what stage will better documentation become available. I’m finding all my problems with Magento are compounded by the inability to find answers in the KnowlegeBase, Wiki or here. Lots of questions though, very few answers.

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