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Create a product that requires other products be purchased with it. ie, Picture with different colored and priced Frames
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Hi, i am trying to create some “advanced products”.  I am trying to create a product that requires other products to be complete.  To make more sense of this , here is an example.
A Gas Insert requires a trim to be a complete product. The trim is another SKU and price. So on the product page, you would have to select from one of the available trims to have a complete unit, this of course will change the price because all the trims are different sku’s with different prices. 

I believe this would be a configurable product, but im a little confused on how to implement it. Basically all i want is to tie some SKUs to a product and require that you select one of them to adjust / make a product complete. The product itself shouldnt change per say, its still the same SKU, just add’s the other SKU’s to the order and price. 

Another simple example would be a Picture that doesnt change, but has many different Frames with their own SKUs and Prices that you need to select when ordering / pricing.

If anybody can point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it
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