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Once Saw, Eyesore, change the default Product Image Display
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While deciding between Magento & Prestashop, I found the default product display of Magento so ugly & extremely outdated at , it\’s totally unacceptable. How come it shows the Pop-up Window when I clicked the thumbnail image ? It\’s supposedly loaded in the main product display and then allow the user to enlarge it with colorbox / lightbox mechanism. Currently, after double-cliking the image, the full image displays occupying on the left and you have to double click to close it. Totally not user-friendly. The entire product image display mechansm is completely outdated, decade-old, not ajax-oriented, once saw, eyesore. Undoubtedly, Magento is very feature-rich in many aspects, except the way it displays the product. Pretashop looks pretty nice in UI especially the way the product was added into the cart, backend is also more intuitive and pleasing than Magento.

Any add-on to change the default ugly Product Image Display ? I heard Magento is very hard to theme. Thanks

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