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No Secure Checkout Bar (Green bar with padlock) on Browsers
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Joined:  2008-03-07

I have a shared SSL certificate installed and have secured checkout pretty much working except that I can’t get the green security bar to show up on IE browser when Magento is in the secure sections. There is no padlock icon that shows its secure on either IE or Firefox (Firefox does have a padlock icon but it has a bar a line across it). The address bar does shows httpS:// which shows it’s secure but a lot of shoppers will see another warning of sorts without the green bar and padlock present or showing issues with the padlock.
I for one would be kind of hesitent to enter personal information if I didn’t see a green bar or padlock icon.
I use 1&1;Hosting.

Has anyone else have this problem or have a work around. ( I am using verion 1.0)

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