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The apparent answer to importing images and having them show up
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I suspect a lot of people know this already, but since there is sooooo much written about it, I thought I would just put a thread up that will catch the attention of those who don’t know how to solve this problem yet.  I solved it by reading thru reams of posts, and thank you to all those who posted.  The key thing I did not know was that images for products imported from a csv,need to be put in /media/import

Below is my post in another thread that sums it up..  I have yet to do this with images that were not originally imported into manage...products, but think I can figure it out from this. When I imported these images originally, I just use the same image for all 3 things, and seemes to work fine....
Halleluia and pass the biscuits!  I finally found the post I needed that solved this images problem.  There is so much written about it you have to weed thru it. When I wrote the above post, that url had no images for the claybakers starting with model number 2, 209, 211 etc NOW they do.  Its so easy!  I had no idea but you are supposed ot put all images for products that you import via csv in one folder , this one. 


then in the spreadsheet put only the image name with a slash in front of it, in all 3 places

image small_image thumbnail
/109claybaker_01092_1500_1.jpg /109claybaker_01092_1500_1.jpg /109claybaker_01092_1500_1.jpg

I personally used the same image for all 3 things and find magento resizes them fine and I suspect it also put that _1 after each one too. 

These are the ones that I added via import, on this page bakers 209,213,217 and just used the same images as 109,113,117 BUT in the spread sheet just put what I show above, the slash and the image name, and copied the images to /media/import

were simply duplicates of the 109, 113 etc (which were brought in via Catalog...Manage Products) then exported, then duplicated with new model numbrs and new skus, same images.  So I think i still have a few things to learn yet, but the biggest key factor was making sure they are all put in /media/import.  This is the first I have been able to import, and have the products go to the proper frontend category AND display the image.  Now I will experiment from scratch with my own images created in PS and not ever imported into the product section in manage proudts like these were. 

BTW I am aware of a problem on add to cart and view cart right now, my programmer is making some changes to it and its not working yet.

So anyway, hope this helps somebody, and I will appreciate any additional info anybody has as we all learn this process.

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If you solve post here too.

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