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Kill Star pairs of holders of options and skills in the use of play equipment, My Opinion 2
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Joined:  2009-12-10

1.2 short-length and double-long killing aion gold, no rapidly circumstances, the starting hands should be less means to kill, or intended to + surprise then Descent, while Italy and the raid is killing two skills, Descent generally can be in each other’s response before the connected, but you do not rapidly, and you will bound the phase of the output of the air are often unable to ash, so the case of non-double-short, or more consideration to the Descent aion kinah together one hit kill, two short options are more, it can first patterns + chain and then The Descent, and then the next three and then an empty throw wild beasts, which means you can multi-carved 2, the output of those two under the absolute gap between the strong Gongsu than 0.1 bar, no rapidly short-length and two pairs of long patterns the first under the Descent, the other side did not respond to, followed by pairs of short-run there are still difficulties, but also during the entire process without throwing an empty Gongsu, the results would not as good as pairs of short-brewed explosive tragedy.With regard to 1.5 pairs of holding in the end which is best to use pairs of short, burst rate of the new FB is not known, so I do not take into account, personal feeling, an elite 100 elite universally condemned short + short-fu is the best combination of elite universally condemned short-hand to ensure the supply of the cheap aion kinah, elite 100 fu short deputies to ensure the addition of additional property, though the elite 100-fu, but due to release his deputy, it does not affect the skills of output, up slightly affect the output of flat cut is highly unlikely, however, killing star printed on the trend of the speed determines the outcome , and the properties of both the aion account can be said with a very good, hit the + Fatal + Fatal + attack + Gongsu hit hit two pairs of short-guaranteed hit, eating meat buns + universal condemnation Kariton jewelry available on the nearly 2,000 hits, open hit to nearly 2,500, while two OBS weapons of PC injury to ensure the attack, although not as good as my next FB Blue Dragon King Long + flash mountain with a long, but the PVP is concerned, than I have dedicated the next two to long-FB high more than one grade.1.5 I intend to do brandingTop 5: Shadow step to avoid Descent consciousness chain / long-distanceAfter 3: smear smear toxic explosives hit the oath?"” “Click to view the new 1.5 version of the killing star superior brand of video displayI like this mix, there is no stigma of aion powerleveling, toxic and awareness can be invisible before the open, does not affect the us powerleveling, but was hit in front of highly toxic, explosive placed on the grid before the rapidlyThat is all I have to kill satellite pairs hold the view, did not say the strongest pairs of short, except to say I think PVP I think it is slightly better than the pairs of short pairs of long and short length, PVE flow is opposite, I personally with PVP-based, so I Recommended pairs of short, my opinions, although not to mention high-end, but it is my personal experience, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

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