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Best Unlimited Catalog Scroll Magento Extension
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This extension makes page loading so much easier. Everything is clear and all the features work the way they should. Scrolling down the page is much better than flipping through pages.

With Unlimited Catalog Scroll, your clients no need to seek the \’next page\’ button on catalog products list page, just scroll down the mouse wheel and the next page will appear. And, to return to previous pages - just scroll up without clicking the \’previous page\’ button as usually.

With Magento Unlimited Catalog Scroll customers can easily scroll between pages, up and down. It saves customers time when viewing products because the next page will be loaded automatically when scroll bar reaches 2/3 part of browser\’s heigh.


Auto loading of the next page & Up-Down Scroll of the catalog products pages
Loading of pages on request
Display \’Back to top\’ button

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